Club Patron (HOD. School of Natural Resources)

A Word from the Club’s Patron

We are in the midst of the sixth major extinction event in the history of existence, and indeed the greatest wave of extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. Even more saddening is the fact that unlike previous extinctions, which have been attributed to natural forces, human beings are entirely to blame for the current extinction. We have extensively altered our global environment through emission of greenhouse gasses, modification and destruction of vast tracts of land and river systems, oceanic devastation, and over exploitation of plant and animal populations.

While we cannot burry our heads under the sand and ignore the realities of environmental degradation, we should also not forget the remarkable achievements and success stories from some targeted conservation interventions. Thanks to rigorous and timely conservation interventions, some of the species whose populations were declining at an alarming rate, are now safely on the road to recovery. There is renewed hope in restoration of numerous degraded terrestrial and oceanic ecosystems.

if we are honest with ourselves, we need to admit that on many occasions we have fallen short of being environmental stewards Nations across the world are expressing commitment to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and to invest in environment friendly technologies. Countries like Bhutan have demonstrated to the rest of the world that it is possible to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

There is hope. Such hope only glimmers when small groups of people take action to fix problems in their environment. Whether it is town cleanup, tree planting, public education, desnaring, recycling of waste….these are real solutions to real environmental issues. The individual choices that we make in our day-to-day life also go a long way.

Am I going to walk, cycle or drive to work? Am I going to safely dispose items that don’t need or just toss them and hope someone else will take care of them? Should I leave the lights on, even when I don’t really need them? When am I going to fix that leak in my tap? Am I going to use a mug instead of tap for brushing the teeth, shaving, etc……. Obviously, these small choices only count as a drop in the ocean but remember that it is these tiny droplets of water that make mighty oceans.

Now, if we are honest with ourselves, we need to admit that on many occasions we have fallen short of being environmental stewards. The big question is, are we going to be remembered as the generation that played a deaf ear to global environmental issues or the generation that chose to confront the status quo and averted the worst environmental disaster in history?

 The choice is ours.