Vice Secretary
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• Pursuing BSc in Project Planning and Management
• 2nd Year Student, Town Campus

A Word from the Vice Secretary

As a proud member of the executive team of the Nature Club, I am delighted to highlight our unwavering commitment to tackling the challenges posed by global climate change through strategic initiatives.

Collaboration: One of the cornerstones of our approach is active collaboration with esteemed organizations such as Canada Climate Change Africa, as well as local communities and establishments. Through these partnerships, we forge alliances, share expertise, and collectively advocate for legislation that advances sustainability and environmental protection.

Tree Planting Campaigns: Our efforts extend to facilitating tree planting campaigns aimed at enhancing climate resilience. By organizing tree planting activities in diverse locations such as forests and institutional grounds, we strive to bolster carbon sequestration, promote biodiversity, provide vital habitats for wildlife, mitigate soil erosion, and combat deforestation.

Conservation of Biodiversity: The Nature Club is deeply committed to the preservation of biodiversity through the restoration of habitats and the promotion of conservation practices. By safeguarding local ecosystems, we not only enhance climate resilience but also contribute to the creation of a healthier environment for all.


Our initiatives are driven by a collective determination to address the multifaceted challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. Through collaborative action, strategic tree planting efforts, and dedicated conservation endeavors, we are proud to play our part in building a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.